Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween countdown!

I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween!! I made this fun magnetic Halloween countdown a few years ago and every October it's so fun to watch it fill up with magnets. Tempe and Helena have especially loved it this year! Every day as we put a new magnet on, they would count the remaining spaces to see how many more days until Halloween. The black cat 31 is permanently glued on, so when we put the monster eye 30 on today, our calendar was complete!

I have the calendar hanging in our blackboard frame right inside our front door, with some spooky spiderwebs and a chalk "Boo!"

This was such a fun calendar to make. I used an old cookie sheet (make sure it's magnetic!) and painted it metallic purple. Then I decoupaged fun Halloween scrapbook paper over the paint and used a sharpie to draw a grid. The magnets are all things from my junk drawer/crafting stash--clothespin, clear marbles, leaves, funny chipboard shapes, etc. Most of the numbers are sparkly green stickers but some are written on in sharpie. I have a Christmas calendar, too, but the Halloween one is definitely more fun!

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