Tuesday, October 25, 2011

R-rated Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

***Warning, this post is probably R-rated.***

I love planning parties. That's probably obvious if you've read my blog for any amount of time. The only problem is that I run out of both occasions and also money. So I thought I would do the next best thing: start sharing the plans for parties that might never happen with you, my lovely readers!

First up is a super fun, slightly scandalous bridal shower or bachelorette party. I wish I had a close friend getting married soon so I could throw this shower.


I just love this gray, pink, and blue color scheme + chevron. Chevron rocks. I think it's the perfect backdrop for a fun, girly, sexy shower. I called it an R-rated shower instead of a lingerie shower because I know some people aren't comfortable buying lingerie for their friends/family members. This way they can feel free to bring other things, like fun bath stuff (to be used as a couple, of course!), these awesome pillowcases (or the kind that say "Tonight" on one side and "Not tonight" on the other), or even my Newlywed Sunshine Notes.


Makin' Whoopie Pies (I would do red velvet)

Chocolate fountain and fruit

Double Chocolate and Chile cake mix cookies (just make cake mix cookies using a Devil's Food cake mix and add chocolate chips and some chili powder)

If you're feeling super naughty, you could make this candlestick salad. How did this end up in the Friend magazine? How??


I never get sick of hanging paper lanterns. They always look nice at girly parties. Framed prints of vintage housewives in lingerie or larger prints from my Newlywed collection would be fun.


I don't love playing games at showers at all (and especially at this kind of party, because it could get really raunchy), but here's one that is fun and doesn't take away too much from socializing. As the guest of honor is opening gifts, have someone quietly write down things she hears people say in reaction to the gifts. Then read them out as things that might be heard on the wedding night. It's hilarious how things said in complete innocence can sound down right dirty when you're thinking about them in a different context!

Well, perhaps someday I can actually throw this shower, but in the meantime, enjoy my plans! And if you throw an R-rated shower, please share with me!


Anonymous said...

BAHAHA okay when my next friend gets married I'm using all of these ideas!

Rachel said...

haahha awesome, Kate! I love all the food ideas!

The Hiller Family said...

So funny! My sister just got engaged and is getting married this December (she's in Bountiful) ... could be fun!!!! ;)

Claire said...

haha I love this! I wish someone threw me one when I got married. I have been to a similar party though and we made up funny names for all our treats: dr. pepper = dr. love, fanta=fantasy, hot "dongs" in a blanket (sorry if that's overboard), etc. So fun!

Brad and Elisse said...

You crack me up.

Susannah said...

I saw from Etsy that you included a link to my pillowcase set. Thanks!

Hope to see you back at my store! I can also always do custom items :)