Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lemons from lemonade

So we spent most of this weekend cleaning up from our massive wind storm on Thursday. We were even dismissed early from church to finish picking up debris because another storm was forecast for tonight (which hasn't arrived yet)

Now my garage is filled with debris. Good debris, the bad debris was taken to one of the many debris drop points. So far several city park parking lots are completely filled with trees.

I have a section of the wooden fence that used to divide my backyard from my neighbor's. I have the beginnings of a project idea for our master bedroom that kills two birds with one stone: gives us our first headboard and also blocks the weird cutout thing/mirror wall over our bed.

I also have a two foot section of the trunk from our sweet pussywillow tree that fell ;( ;( I think part of it will become bookends and the other part will be another treehouse toadstool.

I also have a disc cut from the pussywill tree that wants to be a clock.

Finally, a neighbor brought us a slide. We already have a slide for our treehouse, but I was thinking just a few days ago that I wish I had another slide so I could attach it to the gaping hole that drops down into our crawlspace. Our crawlspace is like an unfinished basement, only 4 feet high. I would love to quasi-finish it for a playroom for our kids, so now I am on the lookout for old rugs/carpets for the floor. Then I am going to fix the trapdoor so we can suspend it open. Then I am going to build a ladder. Then I am going to mount the slide next to the ladder so my kids can slide down, play, and then climb back up.

It's going to be SWEEEET.


StacE said...

That slide idea is awesome! I would have loved that as a kid...or even now haha.
Good luck with your clean up and hope you guys didn't get anymore damage with the storm you said was coming last night.

Jen said...

I've been wanting to make a headboard for a long time now, so I am excited to see what you are going to do!