Saturday, January 7, 2012

Homemade gel clings

You know that money pit at Target... the dollar spot? Yeah. I hate that spot.

It sucks you in because "It's only a dollar!!" and before you know it, you're leaving Target $50 poorer.

Well, it's a love/hate relationship, because I do find really great stuff there. Last week I got a bunch of huge fabric bins for the shelves in our closets (New Year's resolution #4) for $2.50 each! I've also started buying all of the Family Fun cookbooks and holiday books that they've been stocking lately. I actually get a subscription to Family Fun and they also have everything on their website, but it's nice to have everything organized by season and holiday and put together. And I love how my girls can look through the book and every single craft and recipe is age-appropriate, easy, and cheap!

I was really excited when I saw the homemade gel clings in our winter book. We made snowflakes this time, but you can customize them for any holiday or season! I'm looking forward to some hearts and lips for Valentine's Day in a few weeks.

1) Draw a template on wax paper. Small, compact designs work best.

2) Use dimensional fabric paint to trace over the template and let dry completely (3-4 hours, but overnight is best).

3) Carefully peel the design from the wax paper and stick it to glass. They're repositionable, too!

My kids aren't old enough to trace the template yet, but they liked arranging them on the glass :)

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Lisa said...

I love your window clings! What a great idea!