Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wedding re-do

Do you ever wish you could re-do some (or all) of your wedding? Excluding the groom, of course ;)

I got married before the days of viral craft blogs and Pinterest, so I was completely on my own when I was planning our wedding reception. It was pretty nice, but there are a few things I definitely wish I had done differently: my biggest regrets are that I didn't wear hot pink shoes and we didn't dance to "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. We thought the line "I'm glad I didn't die before I met you" was too morbid, but boy, I wish we had just danced to it!

But if I could go back and really re-do everything, I would do a really elaborate themed wedding. I think they are so fun. And (maybe some of you don't know this about me yet) since I collect vintage globes, I just fell in love with this vintage travel wedding. Something like that--super kitschy, all DIY and thrifted--would have been soooo fun! My globe collection would have fit in perfectly, and so would these cute vintage travel-stye postcard Save the Date cards (another thing I didn't do).

If vintage travel isn't your thing, there are tons of great wedding stamps and save the date cards found here to inspire you.

What would you re-do?

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Claire said...

Oh man, I am with you all the way on this. I would re-do SO many things. It sucks too that I got married RIGHT before pinterest came out because I feel like everyone right after me was having a grand old time using it to plan their wedding and I was still dwelling over little things I wished I had done. But anyway - I would have had different colors. Green and Blue aren't terribly easy for flowers!

Lisa said...

There's so much I would change about my wedding, but that was 30 years ago - no internet then! My biggest regret is our choice of photographer.

I loved your location, colors, flowers, dress, photographs, and food! You had a beautiful reception. You did a fantastic job, especially considering that you did it on your own while working and studying at BYU.

This quote might be helpful: "Never judge your past with your current level of knowledge."

Maybe you could be the wedding planner for one of your siblings...

Jamie said...

Hahaa! My friends and I were just talking about this:) All I'm saying is that it is probably a good thing Ben married me young:) It would be an out of control event now! AND I totally wish we would've danced to "First Day of My Life"- I totally suggested it for my BIL's wedding they didn't use it. lame.