Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pudding Pops: White Chocolate Raspberry with Pecan Sandies

So I buy Otter Pops for my kids. Who doesn't? If your kids are like mine, they want a popsicle approximately 1,000,000 times every day from May through October. There's nothing better for that than cheap-o ice pops.
But as an adult, I have more sophisticated tastes. I need a cool, refreshing treat sometimes, too! And for that, there's nothing better than homemade pudding pops.
They're delicious and fully customizable; the flavor combinations are endless. I've made a couple different kinds already this summer and I've got more ideas, so I'm going to start posting my favorites.
First up: White Chocolate Raspberry with Pecan Sandies.
I think I've already peaked with this flavor.
Sooooooo good! We had a little pudding pop playdate after preschool, and seven of my eight pudding pops were devoured in about 10 minutes--the eighth one is for Daddy, or it would be gone, too :)
For this pudding pop, you will need one small box of white chocolate instant pudding, two cups of half-and-half, about five pecan sandies broken into pieces, and 1/2 cup of raspberries (fresh or frozen). Mix half-and-half and pudding mix and whisk until dissolved. Pour immediately into popsicle molds, filling halfway, and add several chunks of cookie and a few raspberries. Add more pudding and another layer of raspberries and cookies and end with pudding. You might need to use a knife to kind of push the toppings further down into the mold. Add sticks and freeze at least 24 hours; run mold under hot water until the lids twist easily and the pudding pops come out. If you try to take pudding pops out too early, the stick will come out but leave the pop in the mold and that is no bueno :(

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Claire said...

yum! I'd love to hear some of your other pudding pop recipes/ideas :)