Monday, May 14, 2012

on Motherhood

"I like to clean up with my mom. I like to play with her. I love to do cooking class with her. My mom likes to cook, she likes to do painting projects with her husband. She likes to vacuum.
My mom is seven years old. She looks like a mom, of course. She has purple eyes and brown hair. I love you, Mom!" --my Mother's Day card from Helena, age four.

Happy Mother's Day! We had a busy day on Sunday, so we celebrated mostly on Saturday. We went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakeshop so I could get a free Mother's Day cupcake (mango--yum!!) and then Jason took me to Home Depot to pick out a new tree. We had a lovely little pussywillow tree in our front yard but it blew over in our windstorm last December. I really loved that tree so I was so excited that Jason thought of this great Mother's Day gift!
I picked out a little blossoming cherry tree and he planted it for me. We took this picture before church on Sunday morning--me and my girls! Wonder if there will ever be a little man in our family??
Motherhood truly is the greatest blessing in my life. I am so grateful for the examples of the mothers in my life--my own Mom, who is always there for me and who gave me a magical childhood of my own, and my wonderful mother-in-law. 
 I sure love staying home with my little girls! It can be trying sometimes, but there is nothing I would rather do. 
I think all stay-at-home-moms go through slumps. I feel like I just recently came out of one--a long one--basically since Juno was born. For a long time, I had lost the joy in motherhood. It just seemed like everyone needed something from me all the time and it wasn't enjoyable anymore.
I am so glad that I seem to have thrown that off! I mentioned this a week ago, but reading "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson really changed my life and helped me find that joy again. I've never read her blog, but her book was a life-changer, corny as that sounds. Reading it made me realize how wonderful being a stay-at-home-mom really is. It made me think, why am I not more grateful? why do I not enjoy this anymore? 
I haven't really changed anything since I read it--we still have to do chores, I don't just play with my kids all day--but I feel completely different. For me, it really was all about attitude and choosing to enjoy every day with my kids. That's something I have to re-commit myself to every once in a while, and I was overdue.
Being a mom is great.


Laura said...

I so needed to read this post, especially from you! I've been following your blog for a while now and always felt like you would never be someone who would get burned out and not feel into being a mom sometimes. I feel like you do so many neat things with your girls and I wondered how you managed to come up with so many cool things all the time. Glad to hear that although you are an amazing mommy, you are also real too. :) Makes me feel better. I've been in a major slump during the past few months of my difficult pregnancy and really have to try hard to spend quality time with my son and truly be in the moment enjoying it tot he fullest. Hard to do when there's so much else in a day's work but so important. I'm going to order the book right now on Amazon. I need a serious pick me up these days. Thanks for writing this. I hope I can be brave enough to be more real on my blog too and not always try to sugar coat my life.

Kate said...

Laura, I wish I had responded to this earlier. Thank you so much for your kind words! Have you read Heaven is Here yet? I hope it helped you out of your slump the way it helped me out!