Sunday, June 3, 2012

Preschool Grad!!

Never have a baby in September.
Why, you might ask?
Because then you will have five-year-old who is totally ready for kindergarten but misses the deadline by 10 days!
Our sweet Tempe turned five just two weeks after the beginning of school this year, meaning she wasn't allowed to start kindergarten. I know that it's really  better this way, she'll have an advantage because she'll be older, she got an extra year home with me, yadda yadda yadda... all I know is, as a busy mom of three preschoolers, it sure would have been nice to send one of them off to school!
Since she couldn't go to kindergarten, we enrolled Tempe in my friend Kellie's home preschool. It's just up the street so we could walk and Tempe just loved it! She made so many friends and learned so much over the year. 
A few weeks ago (before we went to Disneyland, posts coming soon!), Tempe had her preschool graduation program.
{Tempe and Miss Kellie}
The program was super cute. The kids sang some songs and went through the alphabet telling what they learned about throughout the year. My personal favorite part was when one little girl said she wanted to be a Minnie (as in Mouse!) when she grows up! 
We are so proud of Tempe and know she will do great in kindergarten in a few months! She loves to learn and she is always so respectful of her teachers and kind to all the other children.

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