Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tough break for Laura Ingalls.

Tempe loves Little House on the Prairie. 
We've read a lot of the books together and her favorite game to play is "Mary and Laura".
When we play, our little treehouse is Mary and Laura's home. Tempe and Helena gather ingredients for me to make soup while Pa is off hunting and then we climb up in the branches and read together.
Pa (Jason) was telling Tempe a story about Laura yesterday while she gave him a back scratch.
(Have I told you about Jason and his back scratches? He wants one all the time! Enough is enough!)
"Laura was wandering through the woods when she heard a rustling behind a bush. She stopped and listened. What was it? She didn't know if it was a friendly animal or a mean animal, an Indian or another person. Finally the bushes parted and out came a little bear cub!"
Jason paused while he waited for Tempe to do a little more scratching. Helena, who was sitting on the couch, piped up.
"And then the bear killed Laura. The end."
Ouch, that's bad.

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Christie said...

I figured out how to use my kindle lol. I read the post to Ryan and we both got a good chuckle. Ryan said, "That is definitely Jason's child."