Sunday, June 24, 2012

a thrifting tragedy

When your primary shopping destination is a thrift store, you get used to making snap decisions.
Do you really need another ceramic piggy bank? Wooden doll-sized chair? Globe? 
{For me, the answer to those things is always YES, because I collect them. But I'm cooler than I sound}
You have to decide on the spot because if you hesitate, it's gone. There's no thinking it over or sleeping on it. There's also no returns if you change your mind.
I've had my share of regrets from shopping at DI, but none even comes close to a thrifting tragedy that happened last spring.
The whole family was out for our Saturday afternoon DI run. We went straight into the yard area (my favorite part of the store) and then I saw it.
The most amazing frame I have ever seen.
{Image from Etsy
Yes, that one.
Well, basically.
It was huge and baroque and only $10. My jaw dropped.
I turned to Jason. He was already shaking his head.
"What on earth would you do with it?"
hmmm. Good question. We were trying to cut back on clutter and expenses, so I knew if I couldn't think of something on the spot, Jason was right.
I reluctantly left the mirror.
We went home, where I immediately thought of at least three things to do with the giant frame.
1) Hang it on the wall just inside our front door with coat hooks in it for people to hang their coats on.
2) Cut off the bottom edge of the frame and mount it over the inside of our front doorframe.
3) Paint an awesome color and hang on our striped wall (which wasn't striped yet, but whatevs) with family pictures inside.
So I got right back in the car and rushed to DI.
Raced into the yard area. 
Looked frantically for the giant baroque mirror.
It was gone. 
Finally, I had to accept it--go home and move on.
It's been well over a year now, but I still think of that old mirror and look for it every time I go to DI. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be redonated again soon.
Ever had a thrifting tragedy of your own?


Kayt said...

Oooh, for me it was this super awesome round chair that was super comfy and in great structural shape that even SPUN around, and was $15, but had this hideous blue and green cabbage rose fabric on it. I begged and begged my husband for it, he said no, and I whined convinced him I would reupholster it and it would be awesome in our son's room. I went back less than an hour after we left, and it was gone, and I might have cried a little bit. At Goodwill. Awkward.

Anonymous said...

This is more of an antiquing tragedy, but I still count it. I was in my favorite antique mall at home when I laid my eyes on the most gorgeous wedding dress I have ever seen: 1950s vintage, ivory colored lace, tea-length with cap sleeves. It was my dream dress. I looked at the price tag. Under $100 and it was still in great condition. I looked at the size - I didn't try it on but the size was right. Then I stopped and thought, I'm not engaged. I'm not even dating anyone! I have no use for this dress!

And I kept walking (after taking a picture of it with my phone).

A couple weeks later it was still on my mind. I thought about going back to the store and buying it, just to hold on to until my wedding happens someday in the future. When I returned to the store, though, my dream dress was gone.

It will forever haunt my dreams.

The Hiller Family said...

That is sad! I would have cried!! Beautiful mirror! Can't beat $10 either!

Sarah said...

It's the worst! We were yard saling last weekend and went to one with a perfect desk to make into bedside tables. I excitedly jumped out of the car and was even more thrilled when I saw the price. And just as I was checking how well the drawers worked, some monster came over and told me she just bought it. I offered her $5 more dollars than she'd paid, but she said, "Sorry, we've been looking for a desk for my daughter all summer."

All summer? ALL SUMMER? It's JUNE, for pete's sake, and what the crap does your daughter need a desk for in the summer, anyway?

And I've cried myself to sleep every night since.

Not really...but it was not the best yard saling day.

That giant frame is pretty sweet. I wish I'd been the one to sneak off with it before you came back. :)

Kate said...

Kayt, Kelsey, and Sarah, thanks for sharing your thrifting tragedies. Those are sad! I totally understand the feelings you're going through. We should maybe start a thrifting support group?!?!
And don't you HATE when you go to a thrift store and don't find anything good at all? That's the worst.