Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We have a new little monster in our house.
In the last month or so, she has become the most terrible of two-year-olds--and she's not even two yet!
I can't turn my back without her getting into some kind of mischief.
Last week at a friend's house, she put her hands down the back of her (dirty) diaper and smeared you-know-what all over her face and shirt. Luckily I got to her before any more damage was done.
Yesterday she climbed up onto the counter, crawled through the sink and across the stove, and started handing out treats that were stashed on top of the fridge.
Today I heard splashing noises from the bathroom and when I went in, I found her holding our Princess Tiana doll by the ankles and dunking her head in the toilet.
And her temper! When she gets mad, she shakes her finger and says "Da, da, da, da, da!" (she can't say no yet). When I was changing her diaper tonight, she kept rolling away and trying to get up, so I pulled her back down. It made her mad, I guess, because she walked around for 15 minutes shaking her finger at me.
Where on earth do you think she got that??

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Jamie said...

Oh Juno! What a crazy stage!! I secretly(or maybe not so secretly) love hearing about other kids' monster-ness... it makes me know mine are normal:) so thank you Juno! (and Kate!)