Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The list all parents have

As a mom, I keep a list.
A list of the places my kids have thrown up.
Sacrament meeting (twice), church hallway, the car (blerg, that's the worst!!), BYU basketball game...
After our trip to TN, I've got a new one to add, courtesy of Juno: airplane. Oh, and 'on me' makes it to the list as well.
We were just landing in Denver for our layover. Juno is under two, so I didn't have her in her own seat, which means she had been wiggling on my lap in the middle seat for the last hour. All of a sudden, she was very still; she pulled her pacifier out of her mouth.
"Please don't throw up," I said. The words weren't even out of my mouth when she emptied the entire contents of her stomach all over everything. Her pajamas (yes, my kids travel almost exclusively in their pajamas), Tiny Teddy, my jeans, the seat and the floor. I used every single wipe I had packed in my carry-on cleaning her up. The pajamas were a total loss, so I tossed them and the gross wipes in a plastic bag that the gentleman in front of us gave me. By the time most of the passengers had gotten off, Juno was clean (albeit dressed only in a diaper).
My sister Kelsey had my big girls and they both had to go to the bathroom, and I wanted to give Juno a wet-paper-towel bath in the bathroom before our other flight.
Which was boarding.
Before we even got off the plane.
We rushed.
I may have broken down in the bathroom, completely overwhelmed and exhausted.
I may have even wept for 15 minutes on the plane.
Yes. I did.

Now that it's been almost 2 weeks, it's kind of funny...
Kind of.


Claire said...

I shouldn't read such stories. it scares me. oh well, too late! haha

Abby@AppMtn said...

Oh, wow! That once happened to me while we were checking in to our flight - happily before the luggage with all of my changes of clothes had been spirited away. On the first leg of a connecting flight? That's the worst!

Kayt said...

Oh no! My son did that in March, when we flew from Denver to Spokane. Mercifully, he puked at the end of the descent. He did, however, nestle down into my chest before puking all inside my shirt and my bra; he hit the guy sitting next to us, the window, inside my purse, my hair... I was about 15 weeks pregnant, too, so my sense of smell was just horrifically perfect.

That was the very first flight I ever checked a bag on, too. Usually, I have a carryon that I could have just grabbed clothes and changed in the airplane bathroom or something. Nope! I hauled Jamey through the airport in just a diaper, carrying a hefty bag full of vomit covered clothes, sobbing and heaving. And the airline sort of lost my bag, and they had to go find it after all the other bags had been picked off of the carousel. And it was snowing, so I was getting weird looks from people all bundled up, and my three year old is in a diaper and a smile, and trying to stay away from everyone else because it's hot in here and we stink to high heavens. And my sister, who was picking us up, was over an hour late. You can get I stood there sobbing for an embarassing portion of that hour wait.

I am so so sorry that happened to you. It sucks, and it's gross, but at least we get through it. I can't imagine how bad I would have handled it if I was on a layover!