Thursday, August 16, 2012

big girl

I love this picture of Juno.
She's such a big girl. She's almost two, and she can keep up with the big girls now. She loves to run around with her sisters, jumping off the bottom stair (she bends way over, sticks her bum out, and then carefully steps down) and climbing all over the furniture. She has to copy everything Tempe and Helena do. 
But even when she's busy chasing the big girls, she can still take a moment to be my little girl. She can come sit next to me and lay her head on my knee. She can smile up at me with a look that says "Hi, Mom. I'm here now and I'm your little baby, but I won't be for long. Don't wish these years away, because I'm growing up fast."
I'm trying to remember that, Juno.

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