Thursday, August 9, 2012

My house needed more gray and white

My little house has a lot of personality. 
I like it that way.
I just did two little projects this week to add even more personality.
Our living room has never had curtains--I've never really thought it needed them--but when I saw these birch tree curtains at Ikea for only $14/pair this weekend, I knew they would be perfect in the living room.

And instead of a curtain rod, I thought hanging the curtains on a tree branch would be awesome. So I did.

Too much?
Project #2. We bought our table and four chairs for $150 at K-Mart when we got married. Yeah, K-Mart. I actually love this table a lot and I've been sad thinking that the time was coming for us to upgrade to something bigger.
Juno just outgrew her Bumbo seat (yes, she is almost two) so I've been on the lookout for something at DI for the last month or so. I finally stumbled across this awesome bench and knew it was perfect for us!

My three munchkins fit perfectly!

The seat had blue silk (nasty, stained blue silk) so I switched it for some gray and white chevron. I was going to spraypaint the legs of the bench white, but it matches the finish on my table and chairs perfectly and I kind of love the contrast between the more formal cherry stain and the funky chevron.
So now at dinner, all five of us can crowd around our little table instead of Juno sitting in her Bumbo on the counter. I love having a crowded dinner table!

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Elf said...

That's one cute bench! It looks great with the chevron! I also love your tree branch curtain rod, it's fun, unique and fits the curtains!