Sunday, February 3, 2013

Look at Blog, Michael!

My favorite episode of Arrested Development is also the first one I ever saw.
It was way back in 2004, when Jason and I were still engaged. The show was currently in it's second season and we just stumbled across it one night while burning our brains out on tv. We couldn't stop laughing and after that, we were hooked. We've been devoted AD fans ever since.
So are you wondering what episode is my #1?
Good Grief (2.4)
It's got it all... Annabelle/Bland/Egg/Her? and George Michael's break up and his subsequent Charlie Brown-esque depression, flashbacks to Buster as a child freaking out over his missing parakeet (he blamed the housekeeper so he threw her favorite "toy" at her "car"), the "Army" uniform that Gob procured for Buster, and best of all, George Michael's Pop-pop in the attic line.
And with May and hopefully new episodes looming ever closer, I'm combining two of my favorite things: party planning and Arrested Development. After all, the Bluths know how to throw a party.
What's your favorite episode?

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SpencerClark said...

My favorite AD moment has to be Lucille walking in on Buster and the robot vacuum in his bed and him saying, "What do you expect mother, I'm half machine! I'm a monster!"
I can't wait for new episodes either.