Friday, April 19, 2013

Little dancers

Tempe and Helena had their dance recital last night!
It was darling. You could see how much life and joy they are filled with as they danced. They actually both got to do their dances twice (Tempe's first dance was a fiasco, so they let the girls try again, and Helena's group was missing several kids when they were ready to dance, so they did it a second time when they showed up.) The second time around definitely went more smoothly for both of them!

Helena and her best friend Sophie.

Group shot of the 4-5 year old class (the " A Tisket A Tasket" girls).

Group shot of the 5-7 year old class in their "Ever Ever After" costumes.

Tempe's the one with her back to us on the right. I didn't get a group picture of them in this costume, but it was a super cute folk dance to "Pretty Little Girl With a Blue Dress On".