Sunday, April 21, 2013

Potholder Organizer

My calling at church is the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator (but I still call it Enrichment, because nobody wants to go to extra RS meetings!) It's such a fun calling and I love coming up with activities every month. In January, we had a "Favorite Things" party that was basically just like a grown up show-and-tell for everyone to pass around their favorite things. I brought spraypaint (of course) and there were other things like cleaning products, favorite kinds of candy, cookbooks, you get the picture. My cute friend Tiffany brought a little organizer she had made out of a potholder and ziplock bags and everyone loved it, so we decided to make our own for our activity in April!
I couldn't actually go to this activity because it was the same night as my girls' dance recital, but I snagged some of the supplies and made one on my own to send to my sister-in-law Morgan, who is currently serving in the Chile Vina Del Mar mission! Her birthday is in a few weeks and I thought this handy little organizer would be the perfect gift. 

I got a huge package of really cute buttons for $6 at Joann--they were in the checkout lane, not with the buttons, in case you are looking for a big variety pack! They were all different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. I picked out this big red one to go with a navy blue potholder.
After I sewed the bags in, I got to do the fun part--filling them up! I went to the dollar section at Target and they had a bunch of cute stuff.

I put in "thought bubble" shaped post-it notes...

A set of cute heart and arrow shaped paper clips and some bright binder clips....

And gray and white chevron tissues and an owl contact case. I also put in hair elastics, bobby pins, band-aids, and a fingernail clipper. I thought the stationary type things might come in handy when they are making contacts with people and might need to leave a note or their phone number on someone's door. Plus, they were too cute to pass up!
So if you are looking for an easy gift for a missionary (or a new mom, or a recent high school grad, or a teenager just starting to babysit), why not fill up one of these little potholder organizers with all kinds of goodies!


Claire said...

I love this!! I still have one of these that my mom made at a R.S. activity back in the day. Great!

Stephens Family said...

Soo cute! I feel so bad I wasn't able to make it. (By the way, I had to have one of those contact cases too - super cute!)