Friday, April 26, 2013

My Pinterest inspired bathroom and laundry room makeover!

Back in January, I decided to repaint our guest bathroom. I needed a project, and since it was the brightest turquoise you have ever seen, it seemed like the right room to work on. I totally shocked everyone when I decided to paint it a neutral color, but I wanted to try something new. And guess what, I like it!
I call this my Pinterest inspired bathroom because it looks like every other bathroom posted on Pinterest--neutral "greige" wall color, ruffle shower curtain, shelves over the toilet, you get the picture. I mostly took all my favorite elements from my "hall bathroom" board on Pinterest and copied them.

I got the shelves from Target. The jute covered container is a #10 food storage can that I hot glued jute on. It took forever and I got major rope burn on my finger, but I love how it turned out and it's great storage. The little yellow frame is a cross-stitch that I got at DI. It says "Dearest Daughter, God is near you". I thought that was appropriate, since this is my three daughter's bathroom. The other frame is Tempe's earring holder. 

Instead of a towel bar, I got four decorative hooks from Hobby Lobby and screwed them into wall anchors for the girls to hang their towels on. Don't mind the old wall anchors that I just painted over. I couldn't get them out of the wall and I stopped caring. Also, the wall color--I spent $3 on this. It's a funny story, actually. I found it in the Oops paint at Wal-Mart, but it was from Home Depot (had a tag and everything). I suppose I could have just walked out with it, but I took it to customer service and they agreed to let me buy it for $3. It's a great color, but flat, which isn't great for a bathroom. So far it's been ok and I figure I can afford to paint over it if I have to!

This bird cage is something I did years ago and it never "went" in our bathroom. Now it does!!

The cabinet in here used to be kind of light pine (I'm not sure what you would call the finish). I painted them white and put textured wallpaper on the door front and added some cut glass owl knobs.

I saw this on Pinterest and really wanted it, but those things are like $40 on Amazon. But after I started looking for one online, I found this one at DI for $4!

Ruffled shower curtain!
And now on to the laundry room. My laundry room is just a closet in the hall bathroom with some folding doors on it. It used to have three shelves that were barely hanging out of the walls and the walls themselves were all scuffed up and gross. And the lowest shelf was hung too low, so I couldn't open my washing machine all the way! 

I put up beadboard wallpaper on two of the three walls and painted the third the same color as that metal star (also as my garage door--another $5 Oops paint find!) Instead of three shelves, I just put two back up--high enough to open the washing machine fully. I wanted nicer brackets, but they are kind of pricey, so I just spray painted the metal ones. I LOVE how they turned out!!

 The top shelf has my girls' "special" boxes. I also keep gift wrapping supplies in here, but besides that, I keep it decluttered. It makes me so happy to open this closet and do laundry now!


Megan Lindley said...

Very cute! :) You did a great job!

Claire said...

Cute! I love hanging towels on knobs vs rods. So much easier!

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Christie said...

If I buy you a plane ticket will you come decorate our new house??