Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What a fun and sexy time for you.

Arrested Development fans have had a long, long wait since it was canceled in 2005... and I'm not ashamed to admit that I NEVER expected the rumored "new episodes" or movie to actually happen. But when I discovered that the rumors were, indeed, true, wow. I'm excited. Jason and I have watched and rewatched all the AD episodes so often that we have all of them memorized.
So, with new episodes just around the corner, I've started thinking about my AD party. I was planning on having an all-out PARTY, like my LOST party in 2010, but the new episodes are released on a Sunday, so I think I will just have my siblings over for an Arrested Development themed dinner party instead.
I'm sharing my party plans early in case anyone out there is looking for ideas!

Uh, easy. Cornballs (I have a cake pop maker, so this will be easy, but you could just make cornbread in a mini muffin tin, not filling the tins all the way to make them more round), hot ham water (maybe you should just serve some sort of ham chowder instead of actual hot ham water) or stew (Baby, you got a stew going!), deviled eggs, anything with club sauce, and juice boxes or lots of booze. We don't drink, but I might make some mocktails. For dessert, frozen bananas or ice cream sandwiches (or you could make an ice cream sandwich cake with chocolate covered banana slices to combine the two)

Bluth Company sign on the front door. You gotta have a banner. I think mine will say "Family love Arrested Development" since it is going to be a family party, but you could come up with anything, really. Bowls of candy beans scattered around, with fake facial hair in them (mustaches are super easy to find nowadays, thanks trendy). Blue handprints on everything (cut handprints out of blue construction paper). Suitcoat hung over the back of a chair with suckers stuck to it. A hook. Notes to your guests ("And that's why you always take off your shoes" by the front door, "And that's why you always close the refrigerator" on the fridge, etc). Buster's awards from Army (stuffed animals). A hand chair (I know I've seen one at DI, hoping I'll see another in the next month!) A paper bag that says "Dead Dove DO NOT EAT!!!" on it. Red evidence cooler to put the drinks in.

Chicken impression contest--see who can match which impression to the right character. No themed party is complete without costumes. And for those who drink, there are lots of AD drinking games out there. But mostly, just enjoy those new episodes.

I made these with some of my favorite quotes. Feel free to print and use them for your own party--but please link to this post AND post about your party and share it with me! I can't wait to see what everyone does to celebrate!!


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