Friday, July 19, 2013

Checking in with Tempe and Helena during reading time

Jason and I have both always been big readers. Big, big readers with big, big bookshelves. We are doing our darndest to raise a family of readers as well, and so far I think we're doing a good job.
As part of our summer routine, we do reading time twice a day--in the morning and in the afternoon. Sometimes I read to the girls--library books or pictures books or Harry Potter or Ramona or stories from The Friend or whatever--and sometimes I have them do silent reading time. Even though Helena can't read yet, she loves to look at books--some of her favorites are Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Time's 100 Best Photographs. 
Today I took pictures of Tempe and Helena doing their silent reading 

Tempe discovered that our cardboard playhouse is the perfect place to plop down with a book.

"Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray"

Helena prefers the couch and lots of pillows.

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

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Lisa said...

Kate, you are establishing a valuable life-long habit that will enrich your girls' lives!