Thursday, July 25, 2013

magnetic me

This project comes to you courtesy of my friend Kellie, who did it with her three girls a few years ago.
Magnetic dress up dolls--of yourself!
You start off with magnetic paper. I got mine at Wal-Mart in the office supply aisle. It was with the Avery label products.
Dress your kids in a leotard or bathing suit and have them pose in front of a white wall. I had my kids pose with their hands on their hips and their feet slightly apart.


Take pictures!
Then choose dress up outfits. I let my kids each choose two outfits. I laid them out on the floor and took pictures of those as well.

Then I opened a blank Word document and inserted all the pictures. I messed around with sizing until it looked like the clothes were the right size for the bodies--the kids pictures were 4x6, the clothes pictures were a little bit smaller. Then I printed it all off on magnetic paper.
I carefully cut around the kids and the clothes and gave them the scraps of leftover magnetic paper to design even more dress ups!

They made bouquets of flowers to hold, scarves, shoes, Christmas tights, pants, dresses, and even a moose hat. There's still some scraps of paper for them to make more as well!

I put everything in a pencil box (my preferred toy storage) and have them stashed in the playroom. Perfect to entertain little girls when I am trying to get dinner on the table!

Here's Tempe, all dressed up and wearing her moose hat!


Stephens Family said...

Those turned out sooo cute Kate! My girls did those years ago and they still love playing with them.

Lisa said...

I'm going to do this with my elementary kids!