Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oakland: Fairyland

(yep, I'm still posting about our trip to the Bay Area. We took a lot of pictures and it's taking me a while to get them all on here!)
After a few days at the beach, we left Stinson Beach for Oakland/San Francisco. My mom had discovered Fairyland while she was researching things to do on our trip and I knew I had to take our kids there. It's this super cute little theme park in Oakland. You know that Storybook Land ride at Disneyland? Fairyland is basically walking around that ride. It was really cute and fun for little girls! Admission is only $8/person, so it doesn't break the bank at all.

Three kids in a shoe.

Straw house...

Stick house...

And brick house!

There are these little blue boxes at pretty much every Fairyland attraction. You can buy a key for $3 to listen to the stories at the boxes. We splurged and got one and it was worth it. Juno especially loved racing around from box to box to listen to stories. Plus, you get to keep the key so we have a great souvenir from our trip.

Helena and Snow White.

Juno walked around and kissed Snow White and all of the dwarves (without prompting!) 

The Alice in Wonderland part was awesome. There was a "tunnel" that you have to go through and it starts off with a slide--just like Alice's fall down the rabbit hole! Then you wind your way through a little tunnel painted with scenes from Alice in Wonderland before coming out in a maze of cards.

Tempe and Helena found the Queen!

The White Rabbit.

This was another fun one. It was a butterfly/fairy music tunnel--a cute little sunlit tunnel with murals and interactive instruments all through it!

If you go down into this whale's belly you'll find a fishtank!

The girls and Willie the Whale.

Jack and Jill's sliding hill.

Fairyland is mostly these little walk through, interactive displays, but there are a few "carnival" type rides--a carousel, a train, and this ferris wheel. Everything's included in the $8 admission--plus, the food was really good and not that expensive!
All in all, we really liked Fairyland and I would recommend it if you are in the Bay Area!


Maggie said...

I will definitely have to add this to our next California trip!

Braeden and Jackie said...

I lived in the Bay Area and LOVED Fairyland! Did your girls go down the giant dragon slide? It took me a few years to get up the courage.

Lisa said...

What a darling place! Next time I want to go with you!