Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First grade + Kindergarten, here we come!

We may have 6 1/2 weeks of summer left, but we've already started thinking about going back to school at our house!
Our school posted the class lists on July 1st, so we walked over to the school with some friends--even though it was 100 degrees at just 10:30 am!! Yes, I could have just logged onto the website to check, but I like making a big deal out of anything school related to get my kids excited.

Tempe will be in first grade this year, so she'll be gone all day long. I don't know how I will handle it, but I'm sure she will do just fine. This kid was made for school! She learned so much in kindergarten and had a great year. She made tons of friends (I was always bombarded by playdate requests when I volunteered in her class) and picked up reading so fast. She's excited to go back and be able to eat lunch at school and she's especially excited to have her kindergarten teacher again! That's right, her teacher from kindergarten is moving up to first grade and Tempe is in her class. She was so happy to see her name on that list! I liked her teacher a lot, even though she was so disorganized and chaotic (she once took Tempe on a walking field trip that I had not received a permission form for--I didn't even know about it) because she loves the kids and makes school so much fun. The only bad thing is none of her good friends from last year are in her class. I know that this will be an opportunity for her to branch out and make even more friends, plus she'll see the kids she knew from kindergarten at recess and lunch, etc.

Helena is so excited to start school like her big sister! She has been ready all year to go to kindergarten. She learned so much in preschool and doing "homework" with Tempe every night--I think she's even more prepared for kindergarten than Tempe was! She's been practicing on her scooter so that she and Tempe can scooter home every day (Helena is in afternoon kindergarten) and I can't wait to see them round the corner together every day. The Primary chorister in our ward is a kindergarten teacher and Helena has been crossing her fingers that she would have her--and she got her wish! She's so excited to start school, but I am trying to hold on to summer because I love having all three kiddos home with me all day!

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