Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Remember how crazy everyone went 10 years ago when Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow named their daughter Apple?
I never thought it was that bad of a name... in fact, I kind of liked it then (and kind of love it now). 
I've always been an autumn girl. I loved going back to school as a kid, I love the crisp air and bright blue skies and changing leaves, I love all the flavors and scents in the air, I love Halloween, and I LOVE APPLES!!!! If Apple weren't a celebrity name, it could totally have been Tempe's name, because she was born in the fall and I think it totally captures that golden autumn afternoon feeling :)
Anyway, yesterday we went to my MIL's to pick apples and they are the best apples I have ever had in my life! They are huge and so sweet and crisp. And they also don't brown when cut, weird huh? 
We are enjoying eating them plain and trying some new recipes. Today for the girls' afternoon snack, I diced apples and cooked them in butter with cinnamon sugar until it was all ooey-gooey and served them with homemade cinnamon tortilla chips. It was soooooo good! Right now I have some overnight apple cinnamon oatmeal in the crockpot for breakfast tomorrow. Oh, and a big jug of apple cider (the good stuff) was calling my name at the grocery store today, so I think I will tackle these delectable waffles tomorrow as well.
Also, can you tell that I had a lot of energy today?

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