Thursday, October 24, 2013

small town

Tonight, I think we accidentally drove through a time warp and ended up in Stars Hollow.

Yes, Stars Hollow, the quaint little town fond of festivals and celebrations on Gilmore Girls.
We started out the evening by going to the local pioneer-house-turned-museum for the Spooky Storytelling, complete with hot cocoa, a firepit, costumes, lots of props, and sound effects. The girls loved cuddling on a bench out in the crisp fall air and listening to stories about giant grizzly bears and toe-nibbling scarecrows. 
After we listened to a few stories, we walked over to the nearby park, where the annual pumpkin walk was going on. We strolled along the tiki-torch lined sidewalk, admiring all that Jack-o-lanterns carved by local children, and then the girls played on the playground before we got our (free) doughnuts and headed home.
I almost expected the troubadour to wander through.
Sidenote: I love living in a small town. After five years of going to the library for storytime weekly, two years of teaching local kids cooking lessons, and now with two kids of my own in school, we know a lot of people. No less than 10 kids were excited to say hi to Tempe ("Tempe! There's Tempe! Hi, Tempe!!") and while she didn't totally recognize all of them, she was excited to see them, too :)

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