Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June goodness!

Here's a mishmash of our June! Every single of these is from Instagram so if you follow me (@younghipstercoolgirl) you've probably already seen them. 

Helena lost two bottom teeth and one top tooth!

Cutest baby in the world

Polly and Daddy.

Polly and Mommy.

Big smiles.

Naptime on a blanket in the yard.

Naptime with Mommy.

One afternoon when Tempe was coloring on the driveway, it started to rain and Helena went and held her umbrella over her. So sweet!

Finally jumped on the Fiiz, Swig, Guzzle, Sodalicious, etc bandwagon. Yummy and cheap family treat!

Summer activities

Fairy garden on our front steps.

Giant frozen ice cube with arctic animals trapped inside.

On the train at the zoo with Grandma Lisa!

Allan/Anderson/Crandall/Pool/Fleischman gathering at the cabin.

We welcomed summer with our fourth annual sidewalk chalk party for neighborhood kids!

Juno helped Grandpa K replace a doorknob at our house and here she is concentrating very hard on putting the old one back together.

Art journals!

I've given up on making the girls do yoga in the morning (really bummed about that, because I think it's such a great way to set the tone for our day!) but Tempe still bends every which way.

Our fun friends hosted a neighborhood movie night for 100+ neighbors!

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