Monday, June 23, 2014

Two months of Pearl!

My sweet, darling Pearl Diana is two months old now! She is still a doll but she is growing up way too fast for this mama. 
Stats: 10 lb, 4 oz, 22(?) inches long. She seriously looks so much bigger to me all of a sudden. While I love her chubby cheeks and that she's too long for her swaddle blankets now, I already miss her little newborn body! 
Milestones: smiling and learning to coo--even a giggle in her sleep now and then.
Sleep: not as good now as it was a month ago. She's hit or miss with napping in her crib, but I am trying my best to be flexible and just follow her lead instead of obsessing over trying to get her to nap on demand. Nighttime--eh, could be better, could be worse. She will eventually sleep all night in her own bed, so I am not worrying about it for now!
As for me, I am really doing great. I thought having a fourth would be much harder than it has been (maybe I'm jinxing myself), but Pearl just fits into our family so well and we've been able to jump right back into our normal routine with her in tow. Love her, love my kids, love staying home with them (well, most days), and love being a mom!
PS you might have noticed I am really not on here that much anymore... party because I have finally joined the rest of you in 2014 and gotten a smartphone, so now I'm on Instagram... I post there at least once a day, so follow me @younghipstercoolgirl!

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