Sunday, June 1, 2014

May goodness!

Pearl overload!
I took way more pictures of Pearl than I did of my other kids in May. Sorry, other kids. Just check out these cute little cheeks. She's already lost that newborn look that she had at the beginning of the month.

I love love love this picture of my snugglebug. She has very blond eyebrows and strawberry blond hair and you can really see it in this picture!

First sink bath after her belly button healed! She has an outie!!

 Moms and Muffins in first grade
I got to visit Tempe's classroom for their special Mother's Day program. I haven't spent much time in her class this year, so it was fun to be with her!

Mother's Day
My four girls and me on Mother's Day! New favorite picture ever.

Measuring and tracing practice with Juno

Juno loves to do projects with me and I do my best to come up with something several times a week. For this one, I traced her and Pearl on butcher paper (and she traced Ah Ah, her toy monkey, shown above) and then we measured with a few different measuring tapes and block towers.

Helena can't keep her hands off Pearl!

Sidewalk chalk festival
We go to the sidewalk chalk festival in Bountiful every year and the girls love finding a favorite drawing to pose with.

Helena's new talent
She can cross her eyes super crazy and also turn one eye in while looking straight ahead with the other. Don't worry, I asked the pediatrician and she said as long as she is controlling it, it's nothing to worry about.

and now a beautiful smile from a beautiful girl!

and one from Juno, too!

Kindergarten graduation
Helena graduated from kindergarten and is first grade bound!

Tossing her graduation cap in the air!

Helena and her wonderful kindergarten teacher!

Welcome summer!
We are so ready for summer (I'm so ready for summer). I made this banner for the girls to burst through when they got home from school, a tradition we started last year.

Quick trip to Tennessee
I took Juno and Pearl to Tennessee to visit my parents over Memorial Day weekend. It was a quick trip and it was really fun. Flying alone with 2 kids isn't the most fun, but it wasn't awful (no one threw up on me this time) and I'm so glad I took Juno! My family rarely sees her without her older sisters overshadowing her and she really got a chance to shine this trip. My brother Josh took these sweet pictures of her (plus about a hundred more).

The Allan family in front of the Nashville Temple!

Birthday date
For my birthday date this year, Jason and I had a picnic on the roof of the SLC library (main branch) and then explored the library, one of my favorite places in SLC!

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