Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Money Tips: utilizing your groceries

One important aspect of sticking to my grocery budget ($325/month for a family of five) is utilizing every part of my groceries. I don't want any of my groceries (or my money!) to go to waste. The best example I have of this is my homemade crockpot chicken broth. This is so easy, you'll never need to buy chicken broth again!
I never throw out the vegetable scraps when I'm prepping dinner. Celery stocks, onion scraps, asparagus ends, garlic bulbs, they all get tossed in a gallon size bag that I keep in the freezer for making broth. Then, when I make slow cooker roast chicken (bone in chicken pieces rubbed in olive oil and sprinkled with seasonings, cooked on low for 7ish hours), I save the bones and the broth that's left and add the vegetable scraps to the crockpot. I fill the rest of the way with water and add whatever herbs strike my fancy (oregano, rubbed sage, rosemary, garlic) and cook on low over night. In the morning, all I have to do is strain out the solids and freeze for later use. I fill muffin tins with the broth and then pop each 1/2 cup disk out and keep them in freezer bags. Then, whenever I need broth, I can just grab the amount I need out of the freezer!
Another thing I touched on in my grocery budget post was finding multiple uses for each (especially expensive) ingredients. If I need to buy blue cheese for hamburgers, I use it on salads, in mashed potatoes, or on crusty french bread slices with fig preserves (yummiest snack ever!) to make it worth the purchase and get my money's worth. With Pinterest, food blogs, and Google, it's really not that hard to find multiple recipes using similar ingredients!
Next up: clothes.

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Claire said...

I know you've shared how you do chicken broth with me before but this time made even more sense to me and I WILL try it next time :) Thanks again!