Friday, November 6, 2009

Play School: Pilgrims and Native Americans

This is somewhat of a touchy subject. I think most of us know that the Pilgrims-and-Indians first Thanksgiving story we were told as children isn't exactly accurate. I don't like the idea of perpetuating an inaccurate myth, but I do want to teach my children about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans who lived here before we did.
Concepts: Who the Pilgrims were, who the Native Americans were/are, and when and where they lived
Art/game/activity: Pretend you are a Pilgrim on a ship; "Cave Art": paint rocks like Native Americans; make a drum and decorate it like pictures of Native American drums from American Indian Art
Songs/Nursery Rhymes: One Little Pilgrim
Books: The Littlest Pilgrim by Brandi Dougherty; Come Look With Me: American Indian Art by Stephanie Salomon; Pilgrims of Plymouth by Susan E. Goodman; The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola; The Story of the Pilgrims by H.L. Ross; The Very First Americans by Cara Ashrose.
Snack: I didn't actually make this, but look at this amazing "edible Indian corn" from Family Fun. You could also have Bugles and call them cornucopias.
Field Trip: The University of Utah Museum of Ancient Life

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