Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tanya's baby shower

Tonight my friend Michelle and I hosted a baby shower for our mutual friend, Tanya, who is due with her second boy in just a few weeks! Tanya is one of my best friends. We moved into the neighborhood at the same time (in fact, one of the houses that we looked at while house-hunting was her old house!) and we got to know each other through the visiting teaching program at church. In our church, all the women are assigned to "visit teach" one another. We visit at least once a month, share a short Gospel message, and help out with anything we can. It is truly an inspired program! I am so grateful that I was assigned to visit teach Tanya, because I don't know if we would have gotten to know each other very well otherwise, and I love her so much! She is so fun to hang out with and we love love love to go thrifting at DI together :)
Our "light refreshments" were Apple-Zucchini bread with apple butter, carrots, chips and salsa dip, and cookies.
I whipped up these burp cloths for baby Jay and hung them on a clothesline as a decoration.
Here's a close up of the cute little car (I know it's polluting, but isn't it cute?)

The thunderclouds and lightning bolts (that cone thing is a Pee Pee Tee-Pee--I laughed when I saw one on Little Birdie Secrets and knew I had to make one for Tanya!)

And his name!

I found this great tree at DI a few weeks ago. First I spray painted it black for Halloween, then I painted it red for the shower. The clothespins are for the game we played, "Don't Say Baby!" The baby food jars have Oreo truffles in them and were the shower favors. The little sign in the tree says "Thank you for celebrating with us--please take one!"

I also made a diaper cake as a centerpiece and as a gift for Tanya. A lot of diaper cakes are filled to the brim with baby essentials, but Tanya's style is so sleek and sophisticated, so I opted for a very simple cake.

Here are all the guests after the gift-opening!

We can't wait to meet you, Jay!


Avery said...

Aaah! So cute! I love the car applique (even with the emissions, that makes it cuter! :D) and the letter on the cake! Do you have a link to that pee-pee-tee-pee?

Dani Stolworthy said...

so cute! loved the burp cloths, loved the party ideas!
I made oreo truffles the other night for my friends bday, they're to die for huh?

Jen said...

you are one talented lady.

staceykt22 said...

I lOve the burp cloths!
What a lovely shower. Good job =).