Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shelf-stable meals

When I sat down to make my shelf-stable menu, it was under the assumption that if we are using our food storage because of our financial situation, we can supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden or grocery store, and if we are using it because of a disaster, all that matters is that it will keep us alive.
Thus, these meals are very blah and unimaginative. I only planned seven, so we will be eating the same thing every week, which I know will get old.
If you have shelf-stable meals please leave a comment with the recipe!! I would love some more ideas!
Breakfast foods
Oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins 2x
Dry cereal with (powdered) milk 3x
Muffins and applesauce
Pancakes with (powdered) scrambled eggs
Lunch foods
Macaroni and cheese 2x
Tuna and canned fruit
Crackers, beef jerky, and nuts and dried fruit
Peanut butter and honey sandwiches (homemade bread if necessary) x3
Dinner foods
Spaghetti and vegetables (frozen if possible, canned if last resort)
Chili and Bisquick biscuits
Chicken, tomatoes, and rice (using canned chicken and tomatoes)
Chicken and biscuits (using canned chicken, Bisquick, canned vegetables, and cream of chicken soup)
Canned stew and Bisquick biscuits
Creamy chicken and rice (using canned chicken, cream of chicken soup, and rice)
Ok, I thought I had seven meals, but I guess I only have six for dinner. So the seventh night would have to be a repeat or pancakes and scrambled eggs.
Like I said, these meals will be supplemented with things from the grocery store or garden. I also plan on stocking up on cake mixes, cookie mixes, and baking ingredients. Even if we have to eat the same six meals over and over for a full year, I want my kids to have a treat once in awhile.


Caroline said...

Those are some great meal ideas!

If you like tuna, you could always do tuna salad...just came to mind. I don't actually like it, haha. But thought I'd share!

Caroline said...

And you already have it on your list! Hmph. I'll try to think of something...

Tricia and Jon said...

I just emailed you that food storage list last night. Let me know if you don't get it

Lisa said...

Kate, a good food storage item is stove-top stuffing. Also don't forget top-ramen (so cheap to buy and it lasts forever!). I'm impressed with your food storage plan! Love, Mom :)

Anonymous said...
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The Mommy Teacher said...

Hey! You probably already know about this blog, but I thought I would pass on the link:

Jubilation! said...

Good list! Yes, desserts are not only yummy, but a psychological boost. In a turbulent time it brings a sense of that the right word...for both youth and adults.

(foodstoragemadeeasy is a great resource!)