Tuesday, February 23, 2010

child containment

These are all actual solutions that mothers have used to contain their naughty children.
{Don't judge them, please. I know how horribly frustrating it can be to have a child running amok when they are supposed to be asleep. Plus, at night it can be a safety issue}
  • Put the crib mattress on the floor, but still within the confines of the crib (only if the mattress is higher than the gap between the bottom of the crib and the floor so the child cannot get any appendages out)
  • Put a child doorknob cover on the doorknob on the inside of the room.
  • Chain lock or hook-and-eye at the top of the door.
  • Turn the doorknob around so it locks from the outside.
  • Baby gate across the doorway. Two, one on top of the other, if the child can climb over one.
  • Grease the crib rails so they can't climb out (this is my favorite)
  • Use a crib tent. When the child learns how to unzip it from the inside, take the inside zipper off. When the child learns how to use his little fingers to slide the zipper up, use a twist tie to keep it closed.


Caroline said...

This made me laugh! I might be trying some of these out...yikes. = )

Candi said...

We do the doorknob turned around so it locks from the outside. Worked like a charm! Still that way 8 years later, although we don't find ourselves locking it anymore. But the kids still know it's there (I think).