Thursday, February 25, 2010

Play School: Friendship

I have been in a Play School funk, but I'm getting out of it starting... now.
Concepts: What is a friend? How can I be a good friend?
Activities/Art/Games: We actually role-played situations that arise when young children are playing together: sharing, taking turns, being mean, etc. I videotaped it but Blogger won't upload the video... maybe I'll try later.
Then we made friendship handprints: the kids each stamped their hand on a piece of construction paper, one on top of another, so they were "holding hands". Get it?
Books: Once again, my Berenstain Bears collection was a lifesaver because I neglected to check out any books from the library. Doh! We read The Berenstain Bears and Trouble with Friends by Stan and Jan Berenstain.
Songs: The Barney "I Love You" song. Really. I said I was in a funk, ok?
Snack: Frozen grapes. The kids think it's candy.

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