Monday, May 17, 2010

OBB Asian BBQ Chicken egg rolls

As the primary dinner-maker in our home, I am always looking for ways to cut my prep time and make cooking quicker and easier. One of my favorite things to do is to transform leftovers into something completely new and delicious.
Last week I made OBB Asian BBQ Chicken and lime cilantro rice, which is absolutely awesome and one of our new favorite meals. Our Best Bites already has a transformation recipe for this recipe (pizza) but I wasn't in the mood for that, so I decided to make mine into egg rolls instead.
I chopped the leftover chicken in the food processor until it was pretty fine and tossed it and some bagged colelsaw mix and teriyaki merinade into a hot skillet for just a minute to combine all the flavors. Then roll your filling in egg roll wrappers and fry in hot oil--it's as simple as that! I stir-fried the leftover lime cilantro rice with frozen peas and carrots and soy sauce to make fried rice to go with the egg rolls.
These egg rolls were even better than my ground beef egg rolls. They were so flavorful and juicy. They also freeze well!
If you haven't checked out Our Best Bites, you should. Seriously, some of the best food I have ever made!


Christie said...

That sounds delicious! I just heard of Best Bites this weekend and am excited to try out some recipes.

Claire said...

That sounds yummy and I just checked out that website, it's awesome! I just found another one yesterday that I just absolutely couldn't leave until I had looked at...every single recipe! haha, it's up blog-style, like this one