Thursday, May 20, 2010

sparkles or scrambles

Jason's dad is a twin and my mom is a twin, so we've always joked that we must be destined to have twins. It started when we were still casually dating and my friend mentioned (in front of Jason) something about "When you guys have twins someday..." I was mortified because I thought he would think I was telling everyone we were going to get married!
Once I got over the embarrassment and we started joking about it, we decided that Sparkles and Scrambles would be good names for girl/boy twins.
(If you read all the entries found under my "names" tab, I'm sure you will realize I am joking.)
(This is a long introduction.)
Anyway, we find out on June 9th if we are having a boy or a girl, so I added a poll over there on the right sidebar. You'll have to figure out which means girl and which means boy on your own...

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Stephens Family said...

Please don't tell me Sparkles is a boy's name. He might have issues....