Wednesday, June 9, 2010

identity crisis part 2

Kathryn's comment on my previous post made me laugh. Laugh in irony because SHE WAS RIGHT!!
Our baby is, indeed, having an identity crisis. Doc was unable to confirm girl or boy for me today. He saw a little nub that made him think boy, then three white lines that made him think girl... but didn't want to commit either way. I shouldn't be so surprised, because i'm only 15 1/2 weeks, but he was pretty confident that he would be able to tell for sure today.
What really matters is that we are having a healthy baby. That's all I can ask for :)


Kathryn said...

So true, healthy out trumps anything! I can't believe I hit the nail on the head, hehehe... hopefully you can get a good look at your next appointment and be 99.9% sure of bubs gender.

Rachel said...

You're going to let us know when you find out, right?!