Friday, June 11, 2010

screamin' deals

Just had to share some of my best bargains lately...
We scored this Ikea bed from the classified ads for only $80. And he included the bed tent! That, my friends, is a $220 value. And his son only used it on the weekends so it looks like it's straight out of the box. I called him about 9 minutes after he posted the ad and when Jason picked it up, the guy told him he had gotten phone calls about it all day long. We're going to set it up next weekend with Tempe on the top and Helena on a mattress on the floor on the bottom. That's not mean, lots of people do it. See?

And Jason's parents gave us an old twin mattress for free...
I got a full gallon of a gorgeous missoula blue (kind of smoky gray-blue) paint for $5. Don't know what I'll do with it yet...
When we bought Toy Story 1 and 2 on DVD/Bluray, they each came with a free movie ticket. Then I bought 6 boxes of specially marked Kelloggs cereal to get a second free movie ticket. So next weekend when Toy Story 3 is released, our whole family will go for around $9.
Along those lines, I got Princess and the Frog on DVD for $3.98 a few months ago using price-matching and coupons.

I found a gorgeous Circo bumper at D.I. for $2.50. It's a white background with different color, size, and font "A B C" and "1 2 3" all over it. And in perfect condition!
Finally, tonight at Target I found
this quilt for $19 and shams for $6. And I'm a sucker for birds.

What do you all in blogging land think of accent walls? Tacky? Trendy? Visually appealing? Just a Mormon thing?
I'm not a huge fan, personally, but I want to use my new blue paint for something and I don't have enough to paint my whole bedroom--nor do I want to paint my whole bedroom, with it's 15 ft vaulted ceilings (same in the master bath). There is, however, enough to do the wall behind our bed. Thoughts?


Kelli Nicole said...

I LOVE accent walls and they are definitely not a Mormon thing. I have a friend here in Texas (not LDS) that has accent walls all over her house (orange, yellow, blue, etc) with gray as the main color and each room looks amazing.

J'Nette said...

ohh my goodness! i'm so excited to see the finished product!!! your amazing!

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

Definitely use the paint in your bedroom to go with the new quilt--sounds lovely!

I almost bought that exact quilt for our bedroom but it was a little too vintage looking for our furniture. SO glad you got it--love love love! We definitely need pics when you're all finished.

I know the girls LOVE that bed :-)

Rachel said...

accent all the way!!!! I am debating that decision right now too! Maybe we can swap babysitting for when we do it! :)

StacE said...

I like painting accent walls! It makes one wall the focal it's less work :)
I love the bunk beds and bed tent! What a great deal!