Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Jesus's example teaches me how to live"

Today was our ward Primary program.
Best Sunday of the year, am I right?
This year it was especially great for our family--it was Tempe's first year participating!
She got her part about 2 weeks ago and we have been practicing ever since. She got so good at it that she started goofing off a bit--changing the words and giggling because she thought she was soooo silly. So we practiced, and reminded her to be reverant, and practiced some more, and pointed out that when she said her part, SHE would be the teacher for all the grown-ups! (She really liked that idea)
Today when the Sunbeams class got up, Tempe climbed right up on the stepstool and practically shouted into the microphone "Jesus' example teaches me how to live!!" and then jumped down before the teacher could even lean in to prompt her with the first few words. Then she scampered back to her seat where she wiggled for a few minutes until she told her teacher she wanted to sit with her daddy, and they sent her down to sit with us (they had the Sunbeams towards the end of the program, so Tempe had already been sitting up there for about 45 minutes)
The whole time we were waiting for Tempe's part, Helena was whispering "That not my Tempe... it not my Tempe's turn... no... not yet..." Then when it was Tempe's turn, she got very excited and repeated the line after her (Helena got pretty good at it, too!)
I was very, very proud of my little girl!


Lora said...

Too cute!!

Margaret said...

So cute! Way to go, Tempe!

gjan said...

She did such a good job - she is very brave. I was a proud grandma that day.