Saturday, September 18, 2010

Play School: Volcanoes

Tempe has had a fascination with volcanoes since last summer when Grandma Lisa bought the girls a set of stacking blocks with pictures of the desert on every side. There's a volcano on one block and Tempe has wanted to know more about them ever since!
Concepts: What is a volcano? How are volcanoes formed? Why do volcanoes erupt?
Books: All of last weeks books + Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Ken Rubin
Activities: You can't learn about volcanoes and not do a baking soda/vinegar eruption! We also made Gak and dyed it orange so it would look like hot lava.
Sensory Bin: The sensory bin was filled with dry black and white beans, cardboard tubes, and scoops until Thursday, when we made the Gak and put it in the bin instead.
Letter of the Day: B is for Bananas

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