Friday, September 10, 2010

Play School: Inside the Earth

This week we had our first Play School lesson of the year: Inside the Earth.
Concepts: What shape is the Earth? What's inside the Earth? What is the Earth made of?
Books: Planet Earth/Inside Out by Gail Gibbons; The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth by Joanna Cole; Our Patchwork Planet by Helen Roney Sattler and Giulio Maestro; Home on the Earth: A Song About Earth's Layers by Laura Purdie Salas; and Planet Earth: How the World Works in 1000 Photographs by John Farndon, Jack Challoner, Robin Kerrod, and Rodney Walshaw.
Sensory Bin: Various balls (tennis balls, marbles, bouncy balls, etc), cardboard tubes, and funnels.
Snack: Brownie and pudding trifle (layered like the layers of the Earth)
Letter of the Day: A is for Alligator

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