Friday, June 7, 2013

{happy summer}

Welcome to summer!!
School is officially out and I sure am glad. While it was nice having some alone time this year while the girls were at school, I sure love having them with me and I am looking forward to a fun summer spent all together.
Even though today was the last day, Tempe had her kindergarten graduation yesterday. They even marched in to Pomp and Circumstance. The look on Tempe's face was priceless. You could tell that she was so proud of herself! She was a little nervous to do her part of the program, but she did a great job.

Official kindergarten graduate!!

Tempe loved her kindergarten teacher. She's moving up to first grade, so who knows, maybe Tempe will have her two years in a row!

I saw this idea floating around the internet last year (on this Tip Junkie post--#15--and incidentally, #4 is from me and #13 is from a lady that lived in my mom's ward in TN about 10 years ago!) The banner said "happy summer" and was really cute, but you can't read it in this picture. I put it up while Tempe was at school for a surprise, but next year I think I'll put it up the night before the last day of school so they can see it all morning before school!

And here she is crashing through it to officially start her summer break!
I have a lot of ideas to make this the best summer ever. I mean, a lot, everything from fun outings to take every week, to how to manage our daily routine, to a brand new chore/allowance system I am going to break out this month. Lots of good intentions, we'll see how long it lasts!

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