Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer reading extravaganza!!!!

It's no secret that we are BIG READERS at our house!
Tempe learned to read last year in kindergarten and I didn't want her to lose enthusiasm over the summer, so I made sure that reading was a big part of every day. We made time for reading (both silent and together) every day, we had some fun reading charts and incentives, and we did our mom-and-me summer book club again with some friends in the neighborhood!
We kicked the summer off with a Ramona party and a few days ago we celebrated the end of summer with an ice cream extravaganza!

Breyers sent me an assortment of their yummy new toppings to try and I was so excited to use them for this party. Hot fudge, chocolate sauce, and caramel come in squeeze pouches that make topping ice cream (or cheesecake) really easy. Mixed berry, strawberry, and cherry toppings are the perfect mix of tart and sweet, and rainbow and chocolate sprinkles add fun to any food!

Thanks Breyers for making our sundae bar a success!!

Along with Bookworms, we've been doing a couple of really fun reading programs. I keep all of our reading charts taped to the inside of the playroom door. One is just a generic fill-in-the-balloon chart and one is this really great reading Bingo chart. I think this is such a great idea! The chart is filled with fun ways to read ("under the kitchen table", "with a snowcone", etc). My kids (Tempe especially) had so much fun this summer finding new places and ways to read! We haven't quite filled the whole card out yet, but we're close!

"Read in the bathtub--no water, just pillows!" was Tempe's favorite Bingo square!
Another thing we did this summer was the Barnes and Noble reading program. You read any eight books and then you turn in your completed chart and get to pick a FREE book! We spent the afternoon filling out our charts and picking our books yesterday. I thought the book selection would be things like licensed character drivel, but they actually had a pretty good selection.

Tempe ended up with a Calendar Mysteries book that she can't put down ("Dad, do you ever feel like you just have to get back to your book and you just have to find out what happens?!")

Helena chose a book called "Remarkable" that I haven't heard of, but it's next on our list after we finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
It has been a fun summer full of books and I will miss my kiddos on Monday when school starts again!

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