Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Catch up--Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, my parents came out from TN and rented a ranch house in New Harmony (near Cedar City). With all five kids in Utah, plus their three adorable grandchildren, they decided they should just come to us!
The ranch was amazing. The house slept all of us comfortably and was stocked with toys for the kids and lots of board games, had a hot tub and fire pit and grill, and that's not even starting on the grounds. It was a working ranch with sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and the two cutest kittens EVER. Plus a river with three huge treehouses and a fire pit and a party barn with a pool table, air hockey, etc. 
So yeah, we had a good time. I was worried about cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a big group (there were 19 of us for dinner) in an unfamiliar kitchen, but it went really smoothly and the kitchen had everything we needed.
Highlights were playing bartender (Josh is the best at it), roasting hot dogs by the river, and watching the most epic home video EVAAAAAAA! We found one of the owner's personal home videos (dangerous, I know) and decided to watch it. It turned out the be a wedding from 1993 with the best wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses you've ever seen, plus the most awkward couple you've ever seen (no eye contact during the ceremony and a side hug instead of a kiss. Sad, right?) I kept expecting it to turn into a snuff film or something.

These two little kittens (Tempe named them Smoky and Scout) followed us around constantly and loved to be cuddled and carried around. They weren't allowed in the house but they sat on the deck watching on and one of them tried to jump through the window and smashed into it while we were watching a movie.

Treehouses look cool from the ground but are kind of scary when you're actually in them.

They even wrote "The Allan Family" on the sign at the gate!

Lots of snakes in New Harmony.

Like I said, working ranch--the sweet owners told Tempe and Helena they could collect eggs every morning. We even ate some!

New favorite Allan family picture. Notice Helena's little bum in the top right quadrant. Yep, she's always talking about her bum so there it is.

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