Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Super fancy date night

Wow, I think that this a record for the longest I haven't posted anything.... nearly a whole month!! I've got some catching up to do.
First up is our super fancy date night from right before Thanksgiving. Me and my sisters-in-law had been talking about/planning this for months! Two of Jason's brothers are married with kids and we all live in about a five mile radius, so we do lots of stuff together. The Friday before Thanksgiving week, we invited Jason's brothers and their wives over for a cheese tasting night! Jason and I love going to the cheese counter at Harmon's and eating the sample and oohing and aahing over all the different kinds of cheese that we have never tried. We knew it would be way too expensive for us to buy six kinds of fancy cheese, so that's why we decided to do this as a group date!

Each of us brought a kind of "fancy" cheese. We also had two kinds of crackers, grapes, pear slices, salami, honey, toasted pecans, pepper jelly, and cherry preserves--and sparkling cider, of course. I wish I could remember all the cheeses, but I didn't write them down. We definitely had blueberry Stilton, brie, harvati, a really fancy kind of blue cheese, and a cheddar with porter. They were all so yummy!
We set the kids up (all eight of them!) with a movie and settled down in the other room and went to town making different combinations. My favorites were the blueberry Stinson with honey and pecans, the brie with cherry preserves, and the blue cheese with pear slices. It was really fun and we ate ourselves sick. I think this might need to be an annual tradition!

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