Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring clean up!

My great siblings all came over last weekend to help us do a little yardwork. We always have a ton of stuff that needs to go out on the curb for our city's annual spring cleanup (it's April 7th, if anyone local is wondering) and now that I am 8 months pregnant, I'm really not much help at all. This year I decided two of the trees in our backyard needed to come down. They were partially (mostly) dead and so messy and since they were both relatively small, I figured we could handle it. I mentioned to my awesome friend/neighbor that we were looking to borrow a chainsaw (ours is electric and we didn't think it would be powerful enough) and her husband offered to come cut them down for us. He cut down trees in college and loves using his chainsaw so it was perfect! With his help, it only took about 10 minutes to get both trees down and cut into reasonable lengths so we could stack it all up. So nice to have great neighbors

All the guys thought it was really fun to pull on the rope and help topple the tree :) Along with the trees, we also raked all the leaves/sticks out of the swingset area in the back yard, dug up the grass by the mailbox so we can put down rocks instead, and mulched all the gardens in front. It was so fun to work together and get our yard in order. Then we went out to lunch and to the park, where we played and enjoyed the sunshine for 2 hours!

Now I need help. This is what our garage looks like all the time now. We have two bikes and two scooters that can't stand upright, so they all just end up in a big pile. What to do, what to do? I don't want to hang them on hooks on the wall because I want the kids to be able to get what they want without my help. Any suggestions?

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