Monday, October 20, 2014

October Menu #2

1. Chicken paillards with romaine Caesar slaw and French bread
2. BLT pizza
3. Leftovers
4. Shrimp and corn chowder, cornbread
5. Lemon poppy seed pancakes with mixed berry compote, scrambled eggs, bacon
6. Quick sausage rotini, French bread
7. Sweet and tangy shredded chicken, tortillas and fixings, lime cilantro dressing
8. Three cheese pizza, apple slices
9. Leftovers
10. Classic lasagna, salad
11. Grilled cheese bar
12. Chicken noodle soup, homemade rolls
13. Vietnamese caramel pork and rice
14. Frozen mystery soup, cornbread: there is a bag of frozen soup in my freezer that I neglected to label, oops!
15. Make your own pizza bar
17. Cheesy broccoli and quinoa casserole, salad with apples and pecans

  • Slow cooker ooey gooey chocolate pudding cake
  • Halloween sugar cookies
  • Pumpkin rice krispie treats

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Claire said...

YUM! Holy cow, lucky family!