Saturday, October 11, 2014

September goodness!

This girl loves her toes!

It's great to be eight!
Tempe turned eight in September--I can't believe my baby is getting so old! To celebrate, she had a really fun glow in the dark birthday party with a water blob--that glowed! I made it by dissolving B50 vitamin complex in water and adding it to the water blob. The B50 glows under a black light. I don't think I need to tell you how much of a success this glow in the dark water blob was! 

We also decorated plain white tshirts with highlighters, ran around the yard like crazy banshees with glowsticks, and ate a glow in the dark birthday cake, decorated by the birthday girl herself! It was a very fun party and every single one of the girls came up to me and told me how much they loved it.

Tempe's baptism

My darling girl was baptized the same day that Pearl was blessed. I can't believe it, I didn't take a single picture of Pearl in her blessing dress. It was a very special day and we were so happy to have so many of our friends and family there with us--even in the pouring rain!

I started a new project--staining my master bathroom cabinets. An after picture will be up soon! I'm psyching myself up to tackle the kitchen cabinets in the spring.

This baby is just too hungry for plain old milk now. She tried bananas this month! It took a few tries but she is better about swallowing now.

Grandpa's Cash Store

The girls love going to the "cash store" (a little general store) near the cabin with Grandpa. When we were there at Labor day, Grandpa made his own little cash store for all the grandchildren. It's a really great store--he gives you the money to spend in it!

Sweet little Juno is terrified to go outside at the cabin now because of the moose attack in August. (Did I write about that? I can't remember) She just wanted to cuddle with Daddy the whole time.

Pearl with four of her buddies--there were 13 babies born in our neighborhood in 12 months!!! 

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