Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a special day for Juno

Sunday was a special day for our family, especially Juno. It was her blessing day. My parents and youngest brother were able to come out for the occasion--my dad participated in the blessing and my mom made Juno's beautiful dress. She's made all three of my girls' blessings dresses, in fact, and they are all gorgeous!
Juno was very sweet in her white dress. She smiled and cooed all day long. She did cry during the blessing, but only because she was on her back and she hates laying down when she's awake. As soon as the blessing was over and Jason held her upright, she was back to all smiles!
Here's the special girl in her white dress. The fabulously talented Margaret will be doing some nice portraits soon, but this is all I took on Sunday!

Our whole family on our front steps. Tempe and Helena were so excited to wear the fancy dresses and matching shoes that Grandma Lisa bought them!

Helena and Dad enjoying a cold beverage before the guests arrived.

Most baby blessings are held at church during our worship service, but the only Sunday my parents could be here was our stake conference, so we didn't have normal meetings at our building. That meant that we blessed Juno at our home (which I actually prefer). We had close to 50 people (all family) join us for the blessing and a little lunch afterward--sandwiches from the deli at Target, fresh fruit and fruit dip, and pound cake.

Tempe, Helena, and I have been making and freezing pound cake for about a month to serve at the blessing. And do you see those darling little white booties by Juno's name blocks? My good friend J'Nette made them for her blessing and I love them so much. Juno's stupid Pavlik harness covers her feet, so she didn't get to wear them :(

From left: white chocolate lime-in-the-coconut (white chocolate pound cake with lime glaze and toasted coconut)
chunky monkey (peanut butter banana pound cake with chocolate ganache and honey roasted peanuts)
very strawberry (strawberry pound cake with fresh whipped cream)
plain jane (cream cheese pound cake with vanilla glaze)
They were all a hit, but my personal favorite was the chunky monkey. Mmmmm...........


Steph said...

The girls look so cute in their dresses! And how do I get the recipes for the pound cakes. ;)

Jen said...

Aww, so sweet.

Rachel said...

that's awesome, Kate! & the cakes look SO great and adorable set up!

Lora said...

I bet it was a neat experience having the blessing at home! It looks like a wonderful time was had by all, Juno looks like such a sweetheart!
(Just as a silly side note, the word verification at the bottom of the screen for me was "blessee" :) )