Saturday, March 19, 2011

when will this be vintage?

This is Helena playing with my childhood dollhouse.
My parents just arrived from Tennessee for Juno's baby blessing tomorrow, and they brought the dollhouse and all of my dolls and furnishings out for me.
Tempe and Helena (but especially Helena) are enthralled.
This was my absolute favorite toy as a child. My mom designed it, my dad built it, and I spent years furnishing it: a tiny golden rocking horse from a field trip to the Biltmore House, a shelf from a yard sale that me and my best friend fought over (I guess I won that fight), a picture of Jesus in an ornate gold frame, the watchface from my mother's discarded watch which I glued to the wall for a clock, a book that I made and bound out of scraps of fabric and leather, a potholder turned rug that I wove in an elementary school art class.
I painted the outside of the house and wallpapered the inside.
I named the dolls that my mom and I made--the Sterling family, Rosie and Jack and unfortunately, I can't remember the other dolls names :(
It's so sweet to see Helena carefully arranging furniture and dishes and Tempe showing Rosie and Jack around the house!


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Oh so cute!
So...Juno's blessing is today? Are you doing it at your home since it's Stake Conference? What a special day!